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Product Portfolio

ACE Chemical always employ the all best for the R&D and manufacturing of pesticide and chemical products.

Product NameCAS R.N.Product Series
Metconazole 125116-23-6 96%TC, 60g/L SL, SC, etc.
Tridemorph 81412-43-3 98%TC, 86%OL, 750G/L EC etc.
Carbendazim 10605-21-7 98%TC, 25%WP, 50%WP, etc.
Dimethomorph 110488-70-5 96%TC, 40%SC, FP, etc.
Azoxystrobin 131860-33-8 98%TC,25%SC,50%WG,Tebuconazole+Azoxystrobin 240g/lSC, etc.
Propiconazole 60207-90-1 95%TC, 250g/LEC, 300g/LEC, etc.
Cyproconazole 94361-06 97%TC,40%WP, 10%SL, 10%WG, etc.
Tebuconazole 80443-41-0 97%TC, 98%TC, 25%EC, 250g/LEW, 430g/LSC, FS, etc.
Tricyclazole 41814-78-2 95%TC, 75%WP, etc.
Flutriafol 76674-21-0 97%TC, 25%SC, 12.5%SC, 80%WDG, etc.
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We combine the factory-based strengths in R&D, Manufacturing, Export & Import.

Through technology innovation and sincere service, we enable our customers in the industry of pesticide and chemicals to maximize their businss value, as well to maintain the sustainability.

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Research & Manufacturing

ACE Chemical has its own provincial R&D center and CPCIA accredited Grade A quality inspection organization for product development and technology optimization, with experienced professionals, brilliant facilities, strict management system and good relationships with famous universities and institutes.

HSE & Quality

In accordance with ISO standards and multinational companies' instruction, our factory is continuously committed to developing and qualifying the products with quality improvement, energy conservation, environmental protection and safety production.

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